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LI Walks for Health and Fitness

LI Walk 2012


The last race of the year will soon be in the past. So what happens now? It's over, TAKE A HIKE! Seriously! We are planning winter hikes to keep us fit and healthy and out in the crisp fresh winter air. No fee, no registration, just meet us and we walk. Find Island Walking on Facebook!

Our first hike will take place at Sears Bellows Park in Hampton Bays on Saturday Dec 17th at 9am. Walk Sears Bellows With Sears Bellows as our central point there are several trails and directions we can hike out to. There is parking and heated bathrooms open threw the winter. Part of the Suffolk County Parks the park is situated in the Pine Barrens. The Pine Barren Trail runs right through it and up the south fork. Walk west you could walk to Rocky Point and east to Montauk Point. We won't be walking that far.

Distances can vary. Our first hike will be a circular introductory loop around the park pointing out the other trails and where they go. Then we'll head over to Hubbards Park to a magnificent view of the Peconic Bay and back. My best guess at the distance would be about 5 miles total.

I'd like to schedule a weekly hike by then and keep us good and strong for the spring. Great way to keep in shape for our Walk LI Event in May.

Runners... I have found that walking strengthens different supportive muscles that help make you a stronger runner. Sears Bellows is a great place for a trail run. We're considering a group run meeting there as well.


June 2010 Walk Day Event:

For a first timer I thought it was great. I have never walked 3 miles and I did it! Thank you for the opportunity. I think the spirit of the people walking out did any problems that you had. I was thrilled to cross the finish line and so was my body. I lost 3.2 lbs. on Tuesday morning so maybe I should walk some more. Job well done!! Thank You, Ellen S

The Weight Watchers Walk It challenge on May 22 in Oakdale, N.Y, was fabulous - great turnout. Can you please tell me where to find the results? Thank you! Fran P

It was my first time in any type of walk or run challenge. I came with my 10 year old son. I have to say it was great! The walk was wonderful and everything came out great! We look forward to coming back again! Thanks, Lisa

I just wanted to say thank you so much!! It was my first race ever and I am so proud of myself! It was awesome and I will save my number as a keepsake- who would have thought I would reach a goal of doing a race at 42!! Next year, I’m hoping to run it instead of walk it!!

I can't thank you and your team enough. I walked with my sister, Anne Marie Collins and my dear friend Eva Cambareri, both who lost over 60lbs with Weight Watchers. My sister Anne Marie is a woman who has developmental disadvantages and she also has a pronounced limp caused by one leg being shorter than the other. My dear friend Eva has had some issues with her ankle, thankfully, this was the first time in a while she was able to participate in this type of event. Eva could have finished alot sooner, but walked slow with us. We took the walk - and we took a long time...Anne Marie was exhausted and ready to drop, Eva was willing to fall back with us, when we got to the end there a team of wonderful people at the finish line were waiting to cheer us on. My friend and I waited while my sister walked through the finishline so she could be the "star". All the people waiting there (and I have to say all the people who were on their way home in their cars cheered us on the way back to the park) gave us such a welcome and cheering section, I really think it was what enabled Anne Marie to finish. It was so heartwarming. This was a dream of my sister, to participate in a walk. She has been so proud of the weight she lost on the Weight Watchers Program. Most other walks require a large amount of funds raised for the cause. While almost all causes are worthwhile, I don't have the ablitiy to raise funds for two of us to participate. Unfortunately - while we waited for her to go through by herself and get the alcolades, we didn't get a photo of her finishing. That is ok - she will have the memory in her mind to last a lifetime. Thank you. Please let eveyone know that even if there was one complaint about anything, it is all worthwile for one woman to feel so proud and so accomplished, she will remember long after everyone is moved on to the next thing. One of the things my father used to tell us was "You done good". I have to say that to you and your team. Thank you - Pat G

I want to Thank You for a GREAT job well done. Your staff was very helpful. It was my first time doing this and I enjoyed myself. I hope that I can do it again. My husband and two boys joined me and they also had a good experience. Thanks again to you and your staff. Hope to see you next year. Best Regards, Christine

My mother handed out shirts to the people at the registration desk. I directed "traffic" (aka registrants looking to get their numbers) to their appropriate lines. It was all good! And, the walk was really nice, through a pleasant neighborhood with good walking weather. I was gleeful to see so many people walking--you should be proud to have pulled off such a successful event with all of those obstacles!! I look forward to next year's walk!! Take care and thanks for your hard work! Heide H.

Hi Bob, I just wanted to take a minute to say, that 5/22 was my first 5k and it was a beautiful location, and I had a great time and enjoyed the walk/run. I look forward to my next 5k. Great job! cyn

Bob: I just attended the event which weight watchers joined in last Sunday. Great event. I never did a 5K before. Several of us want to continue walking. We would like to join your organization but many of us can’t run but can only walk. Many of us from weight watchers are overweight but want to get fit. Me for example has asthma and running is just not possible. Are all of your events basically running event rather than walk/run. It would be uncomfortable if everyone was running and we just walked in a running event. Are any of your events walk and/or run events like the one from last Sunday? If you advertise some of them that way you would most likely increase your membership and attendance. Warren H.

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LI Walk 2011

Byron Lake 2011

Island Walking News 2012

Island Running and Walking... Island Walking is now on facebook! Search Island Walking and Join up there. Walkers of all levels welcome. Over 300 photo's posted! Visit the group here: Island Walking Tag your photo's!

I appreciate all the positive comments on our event and acknowledge our shortcomings in 2011. It just got too big, too fast. We strive to improve 2012 to provide a perfect event. It will be smaller, more controlled and a different location. We started a facebook page for Island Walking. I hope we can all use it to find walking partners, events, and advice. Search Island Walking and join or like us.

Results: Walk it Challenge, Oakdale

Thanks for participating. We were a bit overwhelmed with this years success and mistakes were made. we look forward to making next years even bigger and better. We'll be better prepared and find another location that can better meet our needs.

We are considering ways to organize group walks around Long Island.

Event Director, Bob Beattie has held many walking and running clinics. You can schedule a clinic for your Long Island, NY Weight Watchers meeting. contact to schedule. Feel free to print this article for your Weight Watchers Group.

2011 Map:

The event here is over, but it's still a great place to walk

LI Walk Sign Up: to be announced.


Road Runners Club of America

ABOUT Island Running, EER&TRC:  Founded Feb. 2 , 1994. On the East End at the time there were only a handful of races and no organized way of finding out about them. The clubs purpose was and still is to inform runners and walkers, organize new events, and support existing events. Today Island Running, EER&TRC helps events all over Long Island. We promote a healthy lifstyle and a healthy environment and support many organizations with their events. 

2010 Island Timing Race Calendar and Results for more events.

ABOUT RRCA: Founded in 1958, the RRCA is the oldest and largest national association of running clubs, running events, and runners.  The mission of the RRCA is to promote running as a competitive sport and a healthy physical activity.  The RRCA achieves their mission by promoting the common interests of its members by providing educational opportunities, programs, and services.  The organization’s membership consists of over 1100 running clubs and events nationwide.


Walking Clinics and Advice are available year round!

Race Director, Bob Beattie has held many walking and running clinics. You can schedule a clinic for your group. contact to schedule.

The East End Road and Trail Runners Club (Island Running and Walking) has partnered with the Road Runners Club of America to Present
the LI Walk for Health and Fitness to highlight walking as a great way to get moving, burn calories and tone muscle.